ASHA Reporting That Doesn't Suck

Automated ASHA Reporting

Why waste hours or days a month? Why have the headache and the human errors? Let us help you automate your ASHA reporting so it takes one click per month.


Spend just a couple of minutes a month instead of hours or days manually entering data.


Get the ASHA-required CSV and the reference file and the Excel file and a log file to doublecheck everything.


No manual entry - hook up your systems with our help and that's it. Even get slack notifications and more!

Automating ASHA reporting for 2 years running

Let's face it - ASHA reporting sucks. If you're a CE provider, you know what we're talking about. But it doesn't have to. Trusted by some of the biggest American Speech-Language-Hearing Association CE providers.

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Why Us

There's no one else. But seriously, this tool was built by ASHA Certified CE providers so we can do our own reporting. Over the last two years, we've gone from ripping our hair out every month to clicking a button and having a glass of wine.

We'll help you adjust your processes so sane reporting is possible.

We'll work with your systems and figure out integration points.

We'll hook up our magic tools so you can stop wasting time and scale your business!

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Less Headaches.

You're just one conversation away from automating your ASHA CE reporting.

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